mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Missing la France

Last night I went to the cinema with colleagues here.We watched Malavita. Luc Besson's work. As usual there was some French bit in his work this time too, just like in his other works like The Transporter triology and Taken.

For me it was a decent movie. Maybe some may say its not that good, but I have soft spot inside myself for Besson' works, I like them all.

My gosh I miss France so much. Back then we used to do lab session in French high school or lycée. Same atmosphere as shown in that movie. Then the excersice book with squares like the one used for maths in Malaysia, but in France we only have that, we even use that for language, for everything. That was also shown in the movie.

My life back then in those small towns. I miss that life so much.

As a student I was afraid of uncertainty. I wanted to complete my studies quickly, start working. I don't regret that, I am 25 this year, I can't afford to start working too late. I need to start a family, time is running out. Imagine, I wanna experience life as a working bachelor. And I cannot wait too late for my marriage.

What ever it is, I miss my life in France.

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