jeudi 21 janvier 2016

My life, so far.. And some tips for Malaysian road tax and auto insurance renewal, among others.. Myvi 1.3 service

Happy new year 2016!

Where has the 'an entry a month' promise? We see, for me it is not that easy to maintain such record. Really, I should have write here more often. Maybe I should keep a note in my phone, telling me what to write when ever I think about it. It could be useful to me or any one else. Sharing experience, it is quite a way to give back to community. Like sharing knowledge about things.

Actually, I wanted to write a summary of year 2015, about what happened. Put that next time. Now, some maintenance knowledge sharing :

1. Malaysian Road Tax and Auto Insurance renewal

Nowadays, I am a person who always try to optimize things. Some thing we should maximize, some we should minimize. Best balance is to optimize. I like to maximize my cash earning, among other. Road tax and auto insurance in Malaysia could cost up to more than RM1000. Like for my Volkswagen Golf, it is around RM1500 for now. Rather than splash RM1500 just for that, I prefer to put it in ASB, FD or anything that can generate some money.

So, a couple of options left to me. Pay bay credit card, and use balance transfer facility, still 3% fee will be imposed. After some research, I found that Maybank credit card user can use interest and charge free EzyPay facility if we renew auto insurance with Etiqa, at their counter in Bangsar or Jalan Melaka. Online, it is not possible. If you are not rushing, why not. Better still, Etiqa offered lowest sum insured without being under-insured, compared to other provider. According to Lowyat forumers, Etiqa service is pretty decent in case if we involve in accident. For me, this sounds like a deal.

2. Be extra careful with Perodua authorized Service Center (PSC)

As I am now a husband, I also take care of my wife' Myvi for servicing etc. When it was still under warranty, the car has been always serviced in Perodua Center for the sake of keeping the warranty valid. Since the car now is no longer covered by Perodua' warranty, I started to service it outside Perodua SC as I came to realize that PSC labor cost is high and they do change things unaccordingly.

- ATF : According to Myvi service manual issued by Perodua, ATF / Automatic Transmission Fluid / Gear box oil must only be checked every 20,000km and ONLY be CHANGED every 40,000km. What they did to my wife, they change it at 22,000km, 44,000km respectively. For me, that is a rip off, unnecessary change because it still costs RM46.20 for the fluid.

- Spark plug : According to manual, check, clean or re-gap accordingly every 30,000km. What they did once, they change it every 20,000km. Each time it costs around RM50 for 4 plugs.

Don't get me wrong, I just want you to verify and make sure of what has to be done each time you send your car for scheduled maintenance service. Cross check their suggestion with your service manual. Before proceeding with service, normally the service agent will discuss with the client about what will be done to the car.

Why spend on something we don't have to? Total for both ATF and spark plugs are around RM90, not to mention the extra labor cost. Better spend that money on Tony Roma's ribs.

Side note :
Workshop in Batu Caves quotation :

ATF 4L : RM96
Auto filter : RM65
Oil filter : RM12

samedi 21 mars 2015

Random update...

The last time I wrote, been ages it has. How could I miss to write about my wonderful marriage?
Well, day is the day when our wonderful, blessed marriage turns 1.

Happy wedding anniversary I wish to my wife and my self. What a wonderful year it has been to us.
Marriage can be easy, it can be hard. Just take a deep breathe, take it easy, be rational, discuss things and trust me, all will be good. Marriage is a good thing in my eyes, because teaming up with wife makes me stronger. In everything.

Looking at my previous post, I talked about year 2013 and house I bought early 2014. Guess what, the house was successfully sold. With such a handsome profit of course. At the end of 2014, I just contacted the property agent to see how is my house market value doing. He ended up finding a cash potential buyer, and the rest was history.

For me, it was hard to let it go. We have been dreaming of moving to our very own landed, corner unit house since ages. Of course, there are reasons why we decided to let it go ;

1. The offer was to good to turn down - good price with cash buyer, less bank hassle.
2. If we keep the house, we don't have much cash. Sell the house,get extra cash to save and also extra cash to pay deposit for new house. Means having house and cash at the same time.
3. Not really ready to commit due to bad job market. Hey I might lose my job any time due to this bad oil price!

lundi 6 janvier 2014

Of 2013, and 2014 benvenido!

Today I feel like writing. After such a long hiatus. Am trying my best to maintain at least one entry per month. So lets see how 2014 has been to me so far.

Luckily I ended my 2013 on a high note, not that high but at least it was not that bad. 2013 was full with uncertainty, at times at turbulence. What doesn't kills you makes you stronger, I found that makes sense. It almost killed me last year, but thanks to that thing it somehow managed to bring me back to life.

Why should I say I ended my 2013 on a high again? I found a better work, a very ideal work for family men, with a very promising prospect, a position that a lot wanna be in. It is such a blessing in disguise I would say. The skyfall brought the limit to go up as high as the sky again. Allah doesn't give me what I wanted but instead He gave me something I need.

Better thing is we finally bought a house!! Am so glad to have the search finally over. I have been looking like mad dog since nearly 2 years. Call this and that person, see this and that house or condos. Only God knows how tired am I of the search. I almost met my target of owning a house by 25, but I was late for half a year. But at least we did it in damn damn style :)

It hurts a lot, even now am still thinking of the massive amount of money I lost to pay the house deposit and legal fees. It is crazy, the savings I made all these while. Peeps out there please buy a house before the construction is done, just pay the bloody RM5k booking fee. I missed such opportunity in the past because I played too safe.

What else for 2013? No, I don't forget the big news. Yes it is the engagement. Finally after 9 years in love, we are now engaged. Am so sad of my beloved grandma was not able to see that happened, to see her very 1st grandchild getting married as Allah loves her way much more than we do.. 

jeudi 12 décembre 2013

Me no tukang cari kerja

Lots of people ask me to recommend them to my company. I am not bloody headhunter. Fucking nobody recommend me when I was hired by Slambeje and Petrofuck. I applied through the proper channel, applied online on their website.

Ape ko hengat dalam dunia ni semua nak pakai kabel? I hate it when people who barely shown up in my life came across asking me to recommend him or her for a job.

Sometimes I see people who doesn't know how to sell, how to present themselves to their potential employer. People with not that much confidence but wanna live well. My message is simple,improve yourself.

vendredi 15 novembre 2013

Random update...

Another long hiatus from writing. Again, here I find my time to write something. Where else if it is not when I am offshore. Don't know what else to do, my mind brought me here.

A bad news, I am now working with a new company since a few months. I hope this time I will call this company home. Still in oil business. Exploration to be precise. In drilling again, where I am most comfortable at in working.

I am not that expert in Drilling, but this has been where I spent most of my time, more than a year now in Drilling. It is still not a peanut for me, but am getting better day after day. I went to one of the toughest training in Drilling a few months ago, it was very helpful to me in adapting to my new position.

Oh, fyi I am now finally working operating company, not a mere service company anymore. Becoming a client, no longer a service provider. Looks like a boss, but not much money as working with service company. But I am compensated with a better work life balance, less shit than before. Chopper place guaranteed, no need to enjoy the boat ride to the oil rig anymore.

I used to say to people that finding an ideal job is such a shitty thing. You will not find it when you really need it, but it will linger in your eyes, strip dancing to attract you when you don't look for it, or when you don't need it.

It happened to me last year when I was so comfortable with my position as a Project Engineer with a big JV between a Malaysian company and an international company. I was handling a ground breaking project, state of the art project. Not only in Malaysia but in Asia. Installing and laying pipe for the very first semi floating production system in Asia for the biggest oil company in the world.

Sounds promising, but not long after that come this French company, the biggest oilfield service provider in the world offering a dream position to me. I did not look for it, but the offer was one that I cannot refuse so I take. Ok, now I am away from that company, with a lovely work. 

Few weeks ago when I was so happy with this company, came an offer to work in Iraq and Saudi, home based in Malaysia with damn good money in USD. Exactly same work in my previous company. But this time I had to say no even though it was so hard to say so. Damn you why you came in so late?

People around was so right. Best time is when you are single. When I am about to get married, I had a lot to consider. It has been a dream to me to work overseas, but my life is not all about work. I will start a family soon. Just wait, someday I strongly believe my time will come. 

jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Personal project

I am a big fan of cars. Bikes too. Anything to ride and to drive. When I was 11, I went to the UK and there I realize good cars are cheap there because no huge tax like in Malaysia. That was one of the motivation for me to study overseas, particularly in UK so that I can bring back nice car at a good price :)

Then I went to further my studies in France. Due to some complication, I could not bring back car to , Malaysia. Well, in order for me to use the AP, I need to bring the car back to Malaysia from France as I resided there. So I need to buy my dream used car in the UK, then do all the hassle, paperwork to bring it to France before sending it to Malaysia.

Too much headache. In UK since there are so many Malaysian living there, many do the business of handling the paperwork to bring the car back to Malaysia. Unluckily for me, nobody do such business in France. Fine, save that lovely AP for later catch then. I wanted to bring back either the BMW 3 Series E90, Audi A4 B7 or B8, Lexus IS250, among my considerations back then....

Well, I wrote 'personal project' for the title of this entry because just now I thought of the wonderful Proton Perdana. I was reading an entry in Paultan blog about that car. If I have money, I want to buy one, a used unit for my weekend track use. Cakap macam main track je. Keep another one in stock condition. I just love driving that car. Wide body, the handling is just superb.

Another personal project in my mind is collecting all the generations of BMW 3 Series - E30, E36, E46, E90 and now F30. The 5 Series too - E34, E39, E60 and now F10.

Kalau ade duit lebih laa.. Entah bila laa tu... Cukup lah tu sebagai angan-angan sebelom tidoq...... Babai

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Missing la France

Last night I went to the cinema with colleagues here.We watched Malavita. Luc Besson's work. As usual there was some French bit in his work this time too, just like in his other works like The Transporter triology and Taken.

For me it was a decent movie. Maybe some may say its not that good, but I have soft spot inside myself for Besson' works, I like them all.

My gosh I miss France so much. Back then we used to do lab session in French high school or lycée. Same atmosphere as shown in that movie. Then the excersice book with squares like the one used for maths in Malaysia, but in France we only have that, we even use that for language, for everything. That was also shown in the movie.

My life back then in those small towns. I miss that life so much.

As a student I was afraid of uncertainty. I wanted to complete my studies quickly, start working. I don't regret that, I am 25 this year, I can't afford to start working too late. I need to start a family, time is running out. Imagine, I wanna experience life as a working bachelor. And I cannot wait too late for my marriage.

What ever it is, I miss my life in France.

Ardik manis.. Mana datang dari ini ardik..?