samedi 21 mars 2015

Random update...

The last time I wrote, been ages it has. How could I miss to write about my wonderful marriage?
Well, day is the day when our wonderful, blessed marriage turns 1.

Happy wedding anniversary I wish to my wife and my self. What a wonderful year it has been to us.
Marriage can be easy, it can be hard. Just take a deep breathe, take it easy, be rational, discuss things and trust me, all will be good. Marriage is a good thing in my eyes, because teaming up with wife makes me stronger. In everything.

Looking at my previous post, I talked about year 2013 and house I bought early 2014. Guess what, the house was successfully sold. With such a handsome profit of course. At the end of 2014, I just contacted the property agent to see how is my house market value doing. He ended up finding a cash potential buyer, and the rest was history.

For me, it was hard to let it go. We have been dreaming of moving to our very own landed, corner unit house since ages. Of course, there are reasons why we decided to let it go ;

1. The offer was to good to turn down - good price with cash buyer, less bank hassle.
2. If we keep the house, we don't have much cash. Sell the house,get extra cash to save and also extra cash to pay deposit for new house. Means having house and cash at the same time.
3. Not really ready to commit due to bad job market. Hey I might lose my job any time due to this bad oil price!

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