jeudi 21 janvier 2016

My life, so far.. And some tips for Malaysian road tax and auto insurance renewal, among others.. Myvi 1.3 service

Happy new year 2016!

Where has the 'an entry a month' promise? We see, for me it is not that easy to maintain such record. Really, I should have write here more often. Maybe I should keep a note in my phone, telling me what to write when ever I think about it. It could be useful to me or any one else. Sharing experience, it is quite a way to give back to community. Like sharing knowledge about things.

Actually, I wanted to write a summary of year 2015, about what happened. Put that next time. Now, some maintenance knowledge sharing :

1. Malaysian Road Tax and Auto Insurance renewal

Nowadays, I am a person who always try to optimize things. Some thing we should maximize, some we should minimize. Best balance is to optimize. I like to maximize my cash earning, among other. Road tax and auto insurance in Malaysia could cost up to more than RM1000. Like for my Volkswagen Golf, it is around RM1500 for now. Rather than splash RM1500 just for that, I prefer to put it in ASB, FD or anything that can generate some money.

So, a couple of options left to me. Pay bay credit card, and use balance transfer facility, still 3% fee will be imposed. After some research, I found that Maybank credit card user can use interest and charge free EzyPay facility if we renew auto insurance with Etiqa, at their counter in Bangsar or Jalan Melaka. Online, it is not possible. If you are not rushing, why not. Better still, Etiqa offered lowest sum insured without being under-insured, compared to other provider. According to Lowyat forumers, Etiqa service is pretty decent in case if we involve in accident. For me, this sounds like a deal.

2. Be extra careful with Perodua authorized Service Center (PSC)

As I am now a husband, I also take care of my wife' Myvi for servicing etc. When it was still under warranty, the car has been always serviced in Perodua Center for the sake of keeping the warranty valid. Since the car now is no longer covered by Perodua' warranty, I started to service it outside Perodua SC as I came to realize that PSC labor cost is high and they do change things unaccordingly.

- ATF : According to Myvi service manual issued by Perodua, ATF / Automatic Transmission Fluid / Gear box oil must only be checked every 20,000km and ONLY be CHANGED every 40,000km. What they did to my wife, they change it at 22,000km, 44,000km respectively. For me, that is a rip off, unnecessary change because it still costs RM46.20 for the fluid.

- Spark plug : According to manual, check, clean or re-gap accordingly every 30,000km. What they did once, they change it every 20,000km. Each time it costs around RM50 for 4 plugs.

Don't get me wrong, I just want you to verify and make sure of what has to be done each time you send your car for scheduled maintenance service. Cross check their suggestion with your service manual. Before proceeding with service, normally the service agent will discuss with the client about what will be done to the car.

Why spend on something we don't have to? Total for both ATF and spark plugs are around RM90, not to mention the extra labor cost. Better spend that money on Tony Roma's ribs.

Side note :
Workshop in Batu Caves quotation :

ATF 4L : RM96
Auto filter : RM65
Oil filter : RM12

Ardik manis.. Mana datang dari ini ardik..?