lundi 6 janvier 2014

Of 2013, and 2014 benvenido!

Today I feel like writing. After such a long hiatus. Am trying my best to maintain at least one entry per month. So lets see how 2014 has been to me so far.

Luckily I ended my 2013 on a high note, not that high but at least it was not that bad. 2013 was full with uncertainty, at times at turbulence. What doesn't kills you makes you stronger, I found that makes sense. It almost killed me last year, but thanks to that thing it somehow managed to bring me back to life.

Why should I say I ended my 2013 on a high again? I found a better work, a very ideal work for family men, with a very promising prospect, a position that a lot wanna be in. It is such a blessing in disguise I would say. The skyfall brought the limit to go up as high as the sky again. Allah doesn't give me what I wanted but instead He gave me something I need.

Better thing is we finally bought a house!! Am so glad to have the search finally over. I have been looking like mad dog since nearly 2 years. Call this and that person, see this and that house or condos. Only God knows how tired am I of the search. I almost met my target of owning a house by 25, but I was late for half a year. But at least we did it in damn damn style :)

It hurts a lot, even now am still thinking of the massive amount of money I lost to pay the house deposit and legal fees. It is crazy, the savings I made all these while. Peeps out there please buy a house before the construction is done, just pay the bloody RM5k booking fee. I missed such opportunity in the past because I played too safe.

What else for 2013? No, I don't forget the big news. Yes it is the engagement. Finally after 9 years in love, we are now engaged. Am so sad of my beloved grandma was not able to see that happened, to see her very 1st grandchild getting married as Allah loves her way much more than we do.. 

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