jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Personal project

I am a big fan of cars. Bikes too. Anything to ride and to drive. When I was 11, I went to the UK and there I realize good cars are cheap there because no huge tax like in Malaysia. That was one of the motivation for me to study overseas, particularly in UK so that I can bring back nice car at a good price :)

Then I went to further my studies in France. Due to some complication, I could not bring back car to , Malaysia. Well, in order for me to use the AP, I need to bring the car back to Malaysia from France as I resided there. So I need to buy my dream used car in the UK, then do all the hassle, paperwork to bring it to France before sending it to Malaysia.

Too much headache. In UK since there are so many Malaysian living there, many do the business of handling the paperwork to bring the car back to Malaysia. Unluckily for me, nobody do such business in France. Fine, save that lovely AP for later catch then. I wanted to bring back either the BMW 3 Series E90, Audi A4 B7 or B8, Lexus IS250, among my considerations back then....

Well, I wrote 'personal project' for the title of this entry because just now I thought of the wonderful Proton Perdana. I was reading an entry in Paultan blog about that car. If I have money, I want to buy one, a used unit for my weekend track use. Cakap macam main track je. Keep another one in stock condition. I just love driving that car. Wide body, the handling is just superb.

Another personal project in my mind is collecting all the generations of BMW 3 Series - E30, E36, E46, E90 and now F30. The 5 Series too - E34, E39, E60 and now F10.

Kalau ade duit lebih laa.. Entah bila laa tu... Cukup lah tu sebagai angan-angan sebelom tidoq...... Babai

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