vendredi 15 novembre 2013

Random update...

Another long hiatus from writing. Again, here I find my time to write something. Where else if it is not when I am offshore. Don't know what else to do, my mind brought me here.

A bad news, I am now working with a new company since a few months. I hope this time I will call this company home. Still in oil business. Exploration to be precise. In drilling again, where I am most comfortable at in working.

I am not that expert in Drilling, but this has been where I spent most of my time, more than a year now in Drilling. It is still not a peanut for me, but am getting better day after day. I went to one of the toughest training in Drilling a few months ago, it was very helpful to me in adapting to my new position.

Oh, fyi I am now finally working operating company, not a mere service company anymore. Becoming a client, no longer a service provider. Looks like a boss, but not much money as working with service company. But I am compensated with a better work life balance, less shit than before. Chopper place guaranteed, no need to enjoy the boat ride to the oil rig anymore.

I used to say to people that finding an ideal job is such a shitty thing. You will not find it when you really need it, but it will linger in your eyes, strip dancing to attract you when you don't look for it, or when you don't need it.

It happened to me last year when I was so comfortable with my position as a Project Engineer with a big JV between a Malaysian company and an international company. I was handling a ground breaking project, state of the art project. Not only in Malaysia but in Asia. Installing and laying pipe for the very first semi floating production system in Asia for the biggest oil company in the world.

Sounds promising, but not long after that come this French company, the biggest oilfield service provider in the world offering a dream position to me. I did not look for it, but the offer was one that I cannot refuse so I take. Ok, now I am away from that company, with a lovely work. 

Few weeks ago when I was so happy with this company, came an offer to work in Iraq and Saudi, home based in Malaysia with damn good money in USD. Exactly same work in my previous company. But this time I had to say no even though it was so hard to say so. Damn you why you came in so late?

People around was so right. Best time is when you are single. When I am about to get married, I had a lot to consider. It has been a dream to me to work overseas, but my life is not all about work. I will start a family soon. Just wait, someday I strongly believe my time will come. 

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